Beginner Level Routine #1









Workout #1

Workout #1

Workout #1

Schedule Explanation: This workout program is done on the same days of each week on the schedule shown above. The blank days are OFF days.

Workout #1


Set #1

Set #2

Set #3
Crunches - 20-30 Reps
Squats - 12-15 Reps
Leg Curls - 12-15 Reps
Flat-Bench Presses - 10-12 Reps
Chinups - 10-12 Reps
Presses Behind-the-Neck - 12-15 Reps
Triceps Pushdowns - 10-12 Reps
Barbell Curls - 10-12 Reps
Standing Calf Raises - 15-20 Reps



Evan said...

be sure to let us know how this works. also, make sure you get into the routine of every monday/wednesday/friday. Its important.

Christopher Hella said...

What is this i dont even..
i dont get it at all lol.
but good luck workin out!
i should do some of that.

Blunders From 6 Foot 2 said...

Thanks for the chart!

Fruffles said...

Good chart man. Useful for beginners!!

Frosty said...

Awesome, more really helpful stuff. Convenient, simple. I could start doing this just cause of you.

Chock Full of BS said...

I think I'm gonna switch to this or starting strength. My current routine is doing much for me.

Lendo Khar said...

How many months I have to do that so I can see any changes?

CrazyJuan said...

Heh, good spread and variation. Nice.

my day in a sentence said...

Oh, sweet! :)

Public Confessions said...

i plan my whole life for every other day lol

-anonymous public confessions

sense said...

defiantly appreciate this.
I will be following your blog daily for more updates. continue the good work.
Please check my blogs out and help support me too.

Cowbellrocker said...

I always go to the gym with a work out schedule in mind, but always end up relaxing in the hot tub.

Oh well, I'm not fat yet, so I dont have to worry too much.

metalpark_73192 said...

Good shit bro! Luck to you and you're routine!

Following and supporting!

krgrief said...

Looks like a good work out routine, nice!

Adamski said...

Looks okay but i prefer higher weight/lower reps per set

Captainf said...

I'm looking to start jogging or something, your blog seems interesting.

beyondthisall said...

This is exactly what ive been looking for. Ive just started working out :)

ERRÆL said...

This is extremely helpful, lol, I never have structure. I also forget to stretch, leading to soreness for days. :(

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